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What’s the difference between branding and sales?

Sales are transactional, where your business seeks out customers. Branding is the story and reason WHY you buy something, or when your customers seek your business out.

We focus on providing our clients with high quality, easy-to-consume commercials and social media videos for their brand.

We are a video production studio based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley that can create cinematic videos and commercials to help you grow your brand.

Whether you’re trying to create that viral video for social media, a short story commercial, or a video for your homepage, we’ve got you covered.

We can film something creative and original or bring your video dreams and ideas to life.

We aren’t afraid to think way outside the box, or just inside of it, depending on your needs. Social media has completely changed marketing forever. We have to get creative with what our brand means and how it communicates. For this reason, we also specialize in distribution for your finished product. Each platform requires different content and delivery of that content and ad spend for maximum reach. While distribution is important, the creative will always be the variable of success.

We measure success by business results, not impressions.

Impressions mean nothing if they are not going to become customers. While the rest of the industry is focusing on the quantity of impressions, we focus on the quality of impressions and making sure that our videos and creative produce a positive reaction and drive up brand equity for our clients. Our videos provide contextual relevance because that is what actually drives business results.

What We Do

Creative Concept Development
Voice Over
Filming & Editing
Digital Media Distribution
Event Production/Management
Visual Effects

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