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YOUNG RONIN (2022) Official Trailer

A Made-in-Vernon Action Film


A pair of teenage martial artists are hired to kidnap a teenage celebrity to pay for their friend’s operation. However, they must choose between their friend or the girl celebrity when one begins to fall for her.

Orphan martial artists, Nate and Tobey, are in a race against time to secure enough funds for their ill friend Maya, who is in desperate need of an operation.

A mysterious stranger offers them a job to go undercover at a local high school to kidnap a teenage celebrity sensation, Lucy Hampton, and hold her for ransom.

Desperate and out of options, the boys accept the job. As Nate grows closer to Lucy, he begins to doubt if their reasons can justify their actions.

We handle all aspects and stages of your production including the creative concept development, location scouting, talent casting, scriptwriting, filming, editing, VFX, graphics, music, voice-over, and broadcast-safe delivery.

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